Happy New Year 2017 – My Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

Everybody’s new year starts with resolutions in life, so let me explain what i’m trying to achieve this year.

Weight Loss: My Height is 183 Centimetres i.e. 6 feet and my ideal weight should be 80 Kgs. Exactly 4 years back my weight was around 98 Kgs and i reduced it to 90 Kgs by hitting the Gym for 3 consecutive months.

Within few years i started gaining weight again and my current weight is 104 Kgs 😐 yeah! Century completed. So, getting back to the ideal weight of 80 Kgs is my top priority in the year 2017.

AddictionsI’m addicted to few things which really makes my life miserable. Getting rid of these addictions is another resolution in this year for me. One of my addictions which i got rid of last year is Online Rummy.

I was an Active & Addictive online rummy player. I got out of that s**t as it was eating most of my valuable time & money. People who’re into Online Rummy & Poker, especially from India lose huge money. I’ll be writing a dedicated article on this topic in a few days, which will be an eye-opener for many individuals who play rummy online.

Debts/LoansJust like any other middle class person in India, I do have debts. Prime Minister Modi’s vision is to make India cashless and my goal is to become Debt Free. So, on this day I promise myself to push hard in order to get rid of these debts and stay away from loans in the future.

BloggingI love blogging as it’s a way to express my feelings virtually to the world. I will be writing about everything which i feel worth sharing with the netizens. So, publishing a blog post every alternative day is my goal with blogging.

These are my New Year’s resolutions and i hope these can be achieved with proper planning and execution.

Wish You All a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year – 2017.

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GoodBye 2016

Goodbye 2016
Goodbye 2016

Let me kick-start my blog with a small post by Saying GoodBye to the year 2016.

2016 has been an year of surprises in my life. I always feel that Life’s like a wave, there’s always ups & downs. I’ve gone through the worst and the best moments of my life in this year.

So, My Dear 2016 – i Love You, But I’m Not in Love with You! 😉